Food Sharing Edinburgh began in 2013 when a group of students decided to take action on the enormous problem of food waste – 15 million tonnes of food being wasted every year in the UK. We started off by running film screenings and workshops and provided a Facebook group where individuals could exchange excess food to save it from waste. In late 2014, we began collecting excess food from local businesses that would otherwise have been thrown away. We now have run a thriving daily food collection and redistribution network in Edinburgh. Our model is based on the highly successful Food Sharing project in Germany, which also allows individuals to collect food from businesses who would otherwise throw it away.

Through the topic of food waste we encourage people to engage with their food system. At Disco Soup (link to Disco Soup in what we do section), we bring the community together to chop, cook and eat food saved from waste alongside music and sustainable food workshops.

Food Sharing Aberdeen was started in 2014 by an enthusiastic group of students who were inspired by the success of the movement in places like Austria and Germany. Our main activities include picking up leftover food twice a week from a bakery in town, moderating the Aberdeen Foodsharing Facebook Group and looking after a foodsharing box located in our students’ union building.

Food Sharing Glasgow was started by a small group of students from the University of Glasgow who had seen the success of Food Sharing Edinburgh online. Following their advice and guidance, we started a Facebook group and began to approach businesses with the idea of Food Sharing. We then we joined forces with volunteers from the Glasgow City Night Shelter who were already collecting surplus food, but had an excess of bread that they and other local shelters and food banks could not make use of. Quickly word spread about food sharing and we are now distributing food both from the West End of Glasgow on the university campus and from the City Centre at the Project Café. Since December of 2015, we have saved an estimated 606.4kg of food from local shops and via exchanges of food on our Facebook group between members.

We redistribute surplus food from local shops to the public for no cost from points that are easily accessible to the general public, making people increasingly aware of the large quantities of food that go to waste. We aim to spread awareness of the environmental impact of food waste and encourage people to acknowledge the social injustice of this issue in order to hasten action and change in the food production system.

Food Sharing Stirling began when volunteers from the Green and Blue Space at Stirling University saw how much food was being abandoned in student halls and decided to create a Facebook group where it could be shared.

Food Sharing Dumfries is a group of four people who are passionate about reducing food waste. As Dumfries is a small town, our network is still quite small but we are constantly trying to improve it and involve more people.

Already, we have successfully hosted Food Sharing events on Dumfries Campus, where we have redistributed sandwiches, bread and soup “from yesterday”. There are a number of small businesses who support us and supply us with tasty food that they could not have sold. In order to also share this food with the wider public (not just students) there will soon be a weekly food stall at the Stove Café. Our goal is to connect people through this one medium, which we all have in common – food. We aim to educate people and to encourage discussion.

Although this project has only started recently we are excited, that it’s slowly taking shape and is constantly growing.

We are soon to release our free app to facilitate non-monetary exchange of excess food between individuals in Scotland. Keep an eye on our app page (link to app page) for more details!